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Help! My cat's mouth stinks, Herston Vet. Part 2

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Finishing where we left off yesterday on pet's dental health, today we will be touching on available treatments to resolve a smelly mouth.

Help! My cat's mouth stinks, HerstonVet.

What treatments are available, Herston Vet?

Mild cases of periodontal disease may only require specialized dental diet, daily brushing, giving chew toys/bones or adding water additives to reduce tartar build-up. Toothbrushes can be made simply by wrapping a gauze around your finger or can come as fancy ultrasonic ones. Use pet-specific toothpaste as human toothpaste can cause a tummy upset if given to pets. I recommend all pet owners start getting your furry kids  (particularly if you have puppies) used to having their mouth touched from the moment you bring him or her into your life. This will make it easier to introduce the toothbrush and paste. This goes for cats too.

Moderate to severe periodontal diseases usually require treatment under general anaesthesia. Areas of the tooth under the gum line will be cleaned, as well as the exposed portion using mechanical scaler or ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Necessary extractions are performed when the tooth roots have been destroyed by infection. Depending on the size of the cavity and the level of infection, the socket left after tooth removal may be sewn closed or may be left open to heal. The teeth are finally polished after scaling to “smooth down” the surfaces, making them more resistant to additional plaque formation. Antibiotics may be prescribed by your local vet.

After a dental scale and clean, it is important to continue maintaining the high level of dental hygiene. Give your pets things to chew on (e.g. kibbles, chew toys), the more chewing action, the more cleaning action on their teeth. Avoid giving your pet too much wet food. Does nothing to their teeth.
Daily brushing if possible. If not, try using water addictives that help to reduce bacteria build up in the mouth. Something like a mouthwash but for dogs and cats.

Now you can go ahead and kiss your beloved pet.

If you are looking for a Herston Vet, call (7) 3216 0045 to make an appointment to see Dr Nic at Fortitude Valley Vet.

Help! My dog's mouth stinks, Bowen Hills Vet.

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It may come as a surprise to you, but many owners do not check their pet's mouth regularly. Often when they do, it is because they notice that their pet's mouth stinks. It has been estimated that 90% of dogs and cats over 2 years of age have developed dental disease. The most commonly diagnosed form of dental disease is periodontal disease, which is an infection of the gums. This is often caused by tartar - the buildup of food, bacteria and other residues on your pet’s teeth. Since your pet cannot brush his/her own teeth, tartar will slowly deteriorate your pet’s gum line and potentially allow bacteria to spread into the bloodstream. This can cause life-threatening diseases often involving the heart or kidneys.

Help! My dog's mouth stinks, Bowen Hills Vet.

How do you know your pet may be suffering from dental problems, Bowen Hills Vet?

  • Stinky breath!
  • Red, inflamed or bleeding gums.
  • unwilling to eat dog kibbles
  • Plaques (yellow to brown color) build up on the teeth.
  • Loss of appetite because it hurts whenever your pet eats.
  • Your pet detests it when you touch his/her mouth.
  • Excessive salivation

What can you do if you see any of these indicators, Bowen Hills Vet?

See your local vet to determine if your pet has periodontal disease. Many clinics offer free dental checks by nurses so you don’t have to be out-of-pocket for any unnecessary fees.

Stay tune for tomorrow's blog on treatments available for the smelly breath.

If you are looking for a Bowen Hills Vet, call (7) 3216 0045 to make an appointment to see Dr Nic at Fortitude Valley Vet.