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Puppy Basics 101

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Welcoming a dog into your life can take up a lot of time and energy, but the experiences are rewarding. I remembered the joys of cuddling up to them but I also remembered the tears of saying goodbye to my beautiful Dolce. Before you consider adopting a dog, lets make sure we know what we are getting into.

How do I take care of my puppy, New Farm Vet?

What are the hard questions I should ask, New Farm Vet?

  • Why do you want a dog? Getting a puppy for your children because they have begging for months is probably not the best reason.
  • Can you commit to at least 10 years to take care of a dog? I have met beautiful matured dogs that lived up to 16 years old. Will you have time daily to meet your dog's emotional and physical needs?
  • Have you discussed with your family members yet? It shouldn't be just your responsibility to take care of a dog if it lives with other family members. Everyone should chip in.
  • Can you afford a dog? Vet care, training classes, grooming, food, toys, treats, boarding, dog walkers and emergency expenses add up fast. Unlike us, dogs do not have Medicare. 
  • Will your home environment work for your dog? Unlike cats, dogs come in differing sizes and weight and a small shoebox studio might be a little small for a Great Dane!

Are there other questions I should answer, New Farm Vet?

  • Short or long haired? You will need to spend time grooming a beautiful collie daily. There are also grooming expenses to consider if you like your poodle to look all preened and proper for your next picnic outing. 
  • Pure breed or mixed? Pure breeds have more predictable traits that may suit your lifestyle. Greyhounds are known to be a lounge lizard, sleeping their day away. Mixed breeds are just as enchanting and many of clients will attest to that fact.
  • Adopting an adult or puppy? This is really a personal choice. There are many amazing older dogs in the shelter waiting for you to bring them into your life. Why not consider this if you have no age preference. Older dogs are less demanding and most of them already toilet-trained and have some tricks up their sleeves. Puppies are the most demanding in their first year. 

Stay tune for tomorrow's Puppy Basics 102.

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