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Puppy Basics 102

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Part 2 to our Puppy Basics Series.

Should I adopt a puppy, Bowen Hill Vet?

What are the basics, Bowen Hill Vet?

  • Toileting area - Indoor or outdoor? If indoor, consider using a puppy pee pad or Pet-a-Loo. If outdoor, remember to keep going to the same area to avoid confusion. A babygate is really helpful to confine the puppy to an area until he/she is able to hold wee for a longer period of time.
  • Puppy classes - Sign up for some puppy training classes as soon as your puppy has the second vaccination.
  • Diet - It is important that puppies eat a good quality food product designed for puppies and that it be of a premium quality. I tend to stay away from brands at the lower end of the cost spectrum as they usually use inferior ingredients which miss out on giving your puppy the best possible start in life. As a guide,  puppies should be fed 2-3 times a day till they are almost fully grown. Try not to give them wet food too often as this can increase the risk of getting dental diseases from a lack of chewing. My preference is no raw diet as research has shown multiple times that dogs eating raw diet carry more bacteria and this can have a harmful effect on very young children or similar.
  • Bowls - Change your puppy's water bowl regularly. I like bowls made out of ceramic that is heavy enough not to tilt over when your puppy gets over-zealous during feeding time. 
  • Collar - It is a good idea to get your puppy used to a collar immediately. Remember to put a small identity tag just in case he/she decides to take a stroll out your front / back door.
  • Toys - Too many to describe but you get the idea. I like to start a puppy off with chew toys.
  • Bedding - In the early phase, perhaps a crater/container can be more assuring to a puppy. Some puppies never like that and they prefer a bed close to their owners. 
  • Training aids - Treats, treats and more treats! 
  • Dog health insurance - You certainly don't need trips to the specialist or emergency centers that cost you $5,000. I've learnt from a very early experience with my dogs on how costly such a trip can be. Save yourself the worry and invest in a health insurance package.

Stay tune for the final series of Puppy Basics in tomorrow's blog.

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